Renault 55

Renault 55
Cover Photo by Gerritwst

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Renault 55 Φύλλο τεχνικών δεδομένων

Μάρκα Renault
Μοντέλο 55
μοντέλο ετών 1967 - 1973
Εργοστάσιο n/a
Σασί 4x2 2WD
μεταξόνιο 193 cm
Front Tire 6.00-16
Rear Tire 12.4-32
Βάρος 2030 kg
Μήκος 353 cm
Πλάτος n/a
Υψος n/a
Electrical Grounding n/a
Electrical Charging Amps n/a
Electrical Volts n/a
Hitch Rear Type n/a
Hitch Rear Lift 2000 kg
Fuel Capacity 54.9 L
Hydraulics Type n/a
Hydraulics Capacity n/a
Hydraulics Pressure n/a
Hydraulics Valves n/a
Hydraulics Total Flow n/a
Hydraulics Valve Flow n/a
Steering mechanical
Brakes drum
New Price n/a
Engine Type 715 Alfa
Cylinders 3
Displacement 2.2 L
Compression n/a
RPM 2000
Gross power n/a
Torque 141.0 Nm
Torque RPM n/a
Net power n/a
PTO n/a
Drawbar n/a
Rear PTO n/a
Rear RPM 540
Clutch n/a
Cooling n/a
Coolant n/a
Air Cleaner Type n/a
Oil capacity n/a
Oil change n/a
Καύσιμα n/a
τύπος μετάδοσης n/a
γρανάζι 10 forward and 2 reverse

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